1992 Adelphi University, Long Island, New York, Tentative Agreements, Light installation.
1998 – 99 Islip Art Museum, Anthony Giordano Gallery, “The Light Show,” East Islip, New York, Night Light. Night Light, Light Installation.
1999 Art Resources Transfer, Inc., New York City, If a House, Light installation.
2002 Art Resources Transfer, Inc., New York City, Drawing Rooms, B & W Installation.
2003 Belgium Cultural Center, Paris, Scratch, Films and documentation of Installations.
2008 30th Internationale Festival di Femme, Florence, Italy, Retrospective, Film and Installation.
2011-2012 Mixed Greens, New York, New York, Painting and light installation.
2013 Jerusalem Cinematheque, Jerusalem, Israel, Anita Thacher Films.
2014 Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Detours, Solo painting and film.