2004 Travels to Japan to finally visit the country whose art has been a major influence on the artist’s creative life. Japanese gardens inspire her own garden.
2005 Travels to Southern India’s huge painted, sculpted temples.

City Art NYC Percent for Art Program, Exhibition, Center for Architecture, NYC.

2006 Travels through China seeing landscapes that look like paintings.
2007 Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons, Artist-designed garden selected for summer tour.

Takes second trip to Japan, visiting more temples and gardens.

2008 Travels to Argentina, treks on the glaciers in Patagonia, and visits Buenos Aires.

Travels to Russia, visits St. Petersburg and Moscow. Finds The Matisse Room in the Hermitage to be an amazing experience.

Guest Lecturer, Michele Mosko Fine Art, Denver, Colorado.

2009 Joins the Board of “The Retreat” an organization on Long Island that offers victims of domestic violence needed services.
2010 Returns to her early diagonal grid based paintings of the 1970s and sees a way to incorporate them with her sky and garden work into a rich chromatic mixture of geometric color light and space.

Travels to India, visits the deserted city of Mandu, Amritsar’s Sikh Golden Temple, the most visited site in India, and the tiger reserve Ranthambhore, where on the forth and last game drive finally sees a tiger.

2011 Travels to Morocco and treks in the Sahara Desert and Atlas mountains. Very inspired by the colors and patterns of the intricate Moroccan tile work which is now finding its way back into the new geometric paintings.
2012 Travels to India visits Hampi, an ancient Hindu UNESCO World Heritage Site and Hyderabad. Afterwards explores the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. Days spent visiting lost cities, ruined temples, sacred caves and centuries-old murals.

Currently lives and works in New York City and Wainscott, New York.