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2014.10.20 - 2014.11.01 [ 1F Ami 2F Kanoko ]

Deborah FreedmanDavid MarellNancy Lasar

Deborah Freedman

MONOTYPE Print.(モノタイプ版画)



“Monotypes are pulled impressions that are painted on a plexiglass plate. The images are created through applications of ink that are rolled, brushed, and manipulated and then, are “pulled” with the use of a press.

Monotypes are inherently unique because only one or two impressions may be pulled before the ink is used up. Although there may be a second impression, it is quite different from the first in that most of the ink was lifted from the plate in its first pass through the press. The second impression, called a ghost is much lighter or thinner and is more of a suggestion of the first.
…. When technically well-executed, monotypes have a remarkable transparent and “layered” quality that is not otherwise achievable.” — from Frank Howell, Monotypes